Too Good Gourmet

Thank You Package


Welcome to our Thank You Package—an expression of gratitude through a delectable journey of flavors. Inside, discover:

  1. Wine Cookie Box: Unwrap sophistication with Chardonnay or Cabernet-infused cookies.

  2. Individually Wrapped Cookies Trio: Enjoy Lemon, Chocolate Brownie, and Apple Fritter treats.

  3. Cookie Mini Bag: Dive into Mexican Wedding, Churros, Salted Caramel, or Confetti Crisp bites.

  4. Tea Cookies Box: Elevate your taste buds with Lemoncello or Amaretto Almond delights.

  5. Thin Crisp Cookies Box: Conclude with the crispy perfection of Confetti or Creme Brulee. Savor the sweetness of our thanks in every bite.

Please leave a note for which flavor of each cookie you would like, otherwise it will be randomly selected!